Göktepe Quarry

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Göktepe marble quarry is located 20 km from Yatağan district centre and 15 km from our factory. The annual production capacity of the quarry is 5000 cubic metres and it is suitable for year-round production. Blanco Ibiza (Muğla White) is produced in the quarry.

Çayboyu Mah. Abdullah Koçar Sanayi Cad. No:26 Kavaklıdere/MUĞLA

Phone 1: +90 (252) 5958146
Phone 2: +90 (252) 5958494
Phone 3: +90 (533) 4778298

Email: info@kocarmermer.com

About Us

Koçar Marble Trade Corp. has been founded in Kavaklıdere / Muğla at 1992. It has continued only in block marble production and trade till 1995.

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